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The countdown to Christmas ToyMania!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As a child, I can remember feeling great anticipation during the Christmas holidays. I was totally excited at what Christmas presents would be awaiting me under the tree, and on Christmas morning, the mayhem would begin. I would run downstairs with all confidence that there would be presents under the tree that I would tear open. After playing with the boxes, I would eventually get to the actual toy (LOL!).

Now on a much more sober note, we labor in an underserved area in Baltimore where many children will not have that experience that many of us take for granted and unfortunately, it is not by their own choosing! Many of the children have no parents, a good portion of them are homeless and living on their own in abandoned buildings or day-to-day shelters. If you are like us at ImageMakers MinistriesTHIS SHOULD NOT BE SO IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

If I could be totally transparent, our ministry, like so many others, are experiencing “donation deficit.” Donations are down and have been declining over the years mainly due to the economy and an overall lack of love for the spirit of the season. If you look around, no one even extends Christmas greetings as much as in times past, and the random acts of charity are scarce and foreign to most.

At ImageMakers, we maintain the passion for the Christmas season and continue in the mindset of Jesus Christ, the reason for this season. Through our deeds of love and commitment to betterment, we proudly boast and yell from every corner and building top in Baltimore city:


We do that in every act and word that we execute to those we serve.

We are praying for a strong finish for Christmas Toymania 2023! Part of that strong finish includes you… and our children need you. We have just five days left before we stage all of the gifts and prepare for the big day next Tuesday, December 19.

Your charitable donation WILL make a difference in the life of a child that will not experience Christmas the way so many children that are fortunate to have the support and security of a loving family. Won’t you give today and bless a child that needs to experience the love of God?

To give the gift of love to a child this Christmas:

Donations are needed by this Sunday, December 17.

Please pray:

  • That the love of Jesus will be clearly displayed, and souls would give their lives to Christ.

  • For wisdom in how to effectively share the message of the Gospel.

  • For ample provision in resources and volunteers.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

We know that God will continue to elevate you in the new year because you took time to execute a heartfelt act of God’s love for someone in great need. Shari and I love you greatly and are in a position of humble gratitude.

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