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Expecting the unexpected for Christmas ToyMania!

It’s that time of the year! It's Christmas ToyMania 2023!

We are in the midst of all of the beautiful chaos. With all that we do with the residents in the Sandtown-Winchester community of Baltimore, MD, this is our favorite and most treasured event. We spend our entire year fashioning new and innovative ways to make ToyMania bigger and better – not just with the toys, but also creating new ways to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to both the kids receiving the gifts and to their parents.

Expect the Unexpected: A Divine Appointment

Allow me to share a quick story of a gentleman that became a ministry partner. We attended a special screening of “The Domino Revival,” and what an incredible experience to see an entire theater worshipping God with no inhibitions or boundaries. It was so incredible that many of us were moved to tears as the Holy Spirit began to minister to each attendee.

After the screening as I was walking out, I made eye contact with an elderly gentleman, and I asked him how he enjoyed the movie. During the ensuing conversation, he asked what I do. So, I introduced him to ImageMakers Ministries. After hearing about the ministry, he wanted to know how he could be a blessing and I shared about our upcoming ToyMania 2023. He became so excited to know he could participate by just purchasing a gift for a child in need for Christmas. Since our initial meeting, the gentleman and I have spoken by phone on several occasions. Now he not only wants to be a ministry partner, but he also wants to be a ministry worker with ImageMakers Ministries. I love these divine time collisions that God provides when I least expect it. This is the fuel that continues to drive us with even more passion to bless the Sandtown-Winchester community.

We are so happy that, like this gentleman, you have that same determination and love for our children. Together we will make ToyMania 2023 even bigger. With every donation, we get to not only bless a child with a gift for Christmas, but we also get to present the Gospel and share the love of Jesus.

Expect the Unexpected for Christmas ToyMania!

We are expecting the unexpected for Christmas ToyMania! But we need you to help us make it happen.

Will you be involved this year? We need toys, donations, and volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to serve at ToyMania on Tuesday, December 19, please reach out to us today at imagemakersministries@gmail.com, or (301) 760-8736.

To give the gift of love to a child this Christmas:

  • Purchase gifts through the Amazon wish list. You will have the option to send it directly to us!

  • Give a monetary donation, and we will purchase a gift on your behalf.

**Deadline to receive gifts is Sunday, December 17.

Will You Join Us in Meeting the Need?

Will you join us? We need partners in praying, partners in serving, and partners in giving resources. The need is great. The reward is even greater.

Please pray:

  • That the love of Jesus will be clearly displayed, and souls would give their lives to Christ.

  • For wisdom in how to effectively share the message of the Gospel.

  • For ample provision in resources and volunteers.

  • For a new ministry vehicle - we are presently in the process of searching for a replacement as the current vehicle has become quite unreliable.

I will be giving updates as we quickly approach ToyMania 2023. In advance, Shari and I are so grateful to each and every one of you for partnering with us. We request that you continue praying for us as we labor over our mission field. But mostly, thank you for the love you lavish on the residents of Sandtown-Winchester.

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