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A Christian overnight summer camp with the mission to see every camper choose to be transformed into the image of
Jesus Christ, and empowered to be a changemaker in their communities for the Kingdom.

With Camp Lifeline, we take children from the inner city areas of Baltimore, MD, to a retreat center in West Virginia for six days and five nights. They sleep in air-conditioned dorms and enjoy food prepared by an onsite chef. While there, they learn critical skills such as conflict resolution, anger management, and peacemaking. They discover how they can be transformed and empowered to utilize the tools necessary to live in freedom everyday so they can make a difference in their families and communities...all while having fun in a safe, beautiful environment.


THE THEME  "Living IFreedom Everyday: Be a light and leader in your community

THE DATES  July 31-August 5, 2022

THE CHILDREN  7-10 years old


  • Are you looking for a short-term missions opportunity? Join us as a counselor or staff member! 

  • Are you an intercessor? Join us in prayer!

  • Are you a giver? Join us in sponsoring a child! A child sponsorship is $500 per child, but any amount would help to reach our goal. Donate today!

Click here to let us know how you would like to be involved!



Presenting the message of the Gospel in a format that transcends traditional boundaries and reaches the unchurched, underground, and unsuspecting audience with the love of Christ

The Sound: Inspirational Music Turned Upside Down 

A music-intensive show targeting ages 18-35 offering a message of peace over violence, love over hatred, hope over oppression, and community betterment over degradation through inspirational hip hop, rap, and R&B music.

As we observe radio presentations and music programming it’s easy to admit that much of the music promotes a darkened lifestyle with an emphasis on degrading females, authority and society. Our mission is to inundate the community we serve with the message of the Gospel of Christ in a format appealing to today's youth and young adults.


The Sound in the Streets
Innovative evangelistic outreaches that cultivate community betterment and empowerment in the Kingdom via the Mobile Groove (pop-up church) and other creative efforts to reach souls with the Gospel.



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Providing a place of peace and rest in the presence of God  for a day, a weekend, a week, or longer


Reviving relationships with God through personal discipleship and intimacy with God


Strengthening emotional, behavioral, and relational health and well-being


Encouraging new life and vitality through life coaching, career guidance, marriage counseling, leadership training, and wellness services.

Get involved with

The Kingdom House today!

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Providing critical assistance for immediate needs, such as food, clothing, and housing, and for special occasions such as back-to-school supplies and Christmas gifts for children

We respond to the immediate physical needs of disenfranchised communities and families affected by COVID-19. We also provide wellness services to encourage emotional and mental health and stability. Partner with us to be the hands and feet of Jesus and provide for those in need today!



Under Development


Our goal is to establish training centers in under-resourced neighborhoods to provide youth and young adults with the technical, career, and life skills needed for success and transformation.

Want to help this dream come to life? Contact us today!

  • Technical skills training (STEAM)

  • Vocational skills training 

  • Financial literacy

  • Career counseling

  • Home ownership classes

  • Parenting courses

  • Dynamic creative arts training

  • Conflict resolution education

  • Evangelism and discipleship courses



Join with us to

transform a community

one life at a time.