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Excited about Camp Lifeline!

Camp Lifeline is quickly approaching, and we are so excited about what the LORD is planning for these children and staff at camp! You see, we are taking 20 children from some of the worst areas of Baltimore, MD, to a campground (actually, a retreat center!) in West Virginia for six days and five nights. Our mission is to see every camper choose to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ, and empowered to be a changemaker in their communities for the Kingdom!

In fact, tears are flowing as we write, as we intercede on behalf of these children, knowing that GOD can...and will...transform a generation of children for His glory!

Will you join us? Will you join us in interceding for the children? Will you join us in volunteering for a week as a short-term missionary to reach kids in Baltimore? Will you join us by giving of your resources? We need you...we need the Body of Christ...to join with us. Only God can make this happen and forever change lives. And we need you to come alongside in this work. Yes, it will take sacrifice. Yes, it will take willingness. Yes, it will take obedience. Yes, it will completely exhaust the staff. But it is worth it. The souls are worth it. The children are worth it.

Please reach out to us today and let's join our hearts together in this work for the Kingdom.

  • Phone: (301) 760-8736

  • Email: ImageMakersMinistries@gmail.com

  • Website: www.ImageMakersMinistries.com or www.CampLifeline.org

Feel free to share with your family, church groups, Bible studies, etc. If you know someone who is mature, loves Jesus, and loves children, who would be willing to dedicate a life-changing week, please ask them to get in touch with us ASAP. We appreciate you. We are in this together...for the Kingdom.

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