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Look what the Lord has done!

Read below for a powerful testimony of the Lord's transformation in the life of a young lady through the Kingdom House

Great news!! This year, God has set His plan in motion for the Kingdom House (KH) and we are currently at capacity. As you may know, God gave us a passionate burden for youth and young adults and their spiritual growth and development in the Lord. At present, we have four bedrooms that accommodate two persons per room. Each of our kids and youth has ownership and responsibility to KH. During their stay, they are daily fed the Word of God and introduced to curriculum that assists them with conflict resolution, life decisions and racial unity through the eyes of God. Not only are we teaching it here at KH, but other ministries are seeking us out for the curriculum and offering it in their respective ministries.

In this segment of Kingdom House, I would like to introduce you to Cindy! Cindy came to KH broken and hopeless. As we ministered the love of God, we witnessed her countenance brightening and her hope being restored. Please take a few moments to read her compelling testimony below.

I came to the Kingdom House broken, and I left whole.

On May 20th, 2020, I came to the Kingdom House for what I thought would be forever. I left my family and didn’t look back. I was fed, clothed, loved on and cared for at the Kingdom House. I was dealing with post-concussion syndrome for a month at the time. They would take me to my appointments and even encourage me to take walks, so I could heal.

I decided that I wasn’t going to go home to my family again. We had a grave rift in our family. I felt like I was being controlled; never respected. It took a toll on my mental and emotional health. My family would call to talk to me. My mom was always repentant throughout my time there. She lives in a different country, so me being somewhere she didn’t know scared her. My dad was the quiet storm that he always was. He only ever erupted once a year. I was just like him. My twin sister was hurt the most.

My whole community was calling me daily, and if they weren’t, I was calling them. I was making it evident that the Cindy they knew to be predictable could actually make some pretty bold moves.

But, after about three weeks being there, I became unusually homesick. I now know that I didn’t necessarily miss my home, but my dad. I was starting to fall in love with him again, and it was as if God was stirring love Kool-Aid in my heart. Left to myself, I would’ve hated him forever. But, God softened me.

I decided to come home, and my spiritual parents, the Cuestas, they always pointed me back home from the beginning. They would ask me what I wanted to accomplish [at the Kingdom House]. I was thinking of outer things, like getting back on my feet. I was always overwhelmed and confused with that question. It’s only because God had one mission: Get me to love my earthly father again.

When I came home, my dad, to my surprise, embraced me with open arms. For the first time in decades, he held me while I cried in his arms.

I want to say "thank you" to my spiritual parents for allowing me into the Kingdom House for God to begin His work in my own home. It will forever be a place of refuge for me.

-Cindy M.

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