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What's happening in Baltimore: The GOD report!

Praise God! We have weathered the storms of COVID-19, health crises, and just overall “what just happened there?!?” During this season, we are so grateful to God for sustaining us in what surely was a very difficult time for our family and our household. And just as quickly as God brought closure to those storms, He has downloaded an even greater passion and desire for that which we feel satan attempted to destroy. And for that, we are so appreciative of your prayers. For those of you who brought food to the house, or medicine, or just called to give an encouraging word…we are grateful.

Report on the GOD News! As you know, God enabled us to have a very successful CHRISTMAS TOYMANIA (many thanks to those who gave gifts!). Entire households were blessed and encouraged, many received prayer, and several souls received salvation, praise God!!! Before receiving their gifts, each family participated in a 15-minute “service” where the Gospel was creatively presented in a way that even the youngest child could understand. One particular child, let’s call him Kevin, so thoroughly enjoyed the service that he could not contain his excitement! His mom came to us and asked how she could get him into Sunday School. She said,

I have never seen him this excited about church! I want to make sure that he gets here as much as he can!!!”

Well, this is why we continue to minister to the children through events throughout the year, culminating in Camp Lifeline, our weeklong summer camp designed to empower campers spiritually, emotionally, and educationally. Stories like these are countless. Since ministering in the Sandtown-Winchester area of Baltimore, specifically the North Penn Quarter, we have been blessed to see God’s love touch the hearts of many.

It’s become commonplace for drug dealers to search us out. Though they know they’re living in sin, they still ask us to pray for them, and our hope is that, one day, they will get caught in the sweet, wonderful trap of the love of the Lord. Coming Soon...Camp Lifeline! It is with this spirit that we continue to commit to CAMP LIFELINE. Our history extends all the way back to Camp Dynamite, founded by my father-in-law, Pastor Bob Mathieu. And the one thing I learned with my father-in-law is to pursue relational ministry with a relentless drive and passion to see the hand of God move over His people. I can remember serving under my father-in-law, and I was always amazed at how these children – who knew nothing of God – ended up at the altar in tears, asking God to help them with their personal lives at home. In the end, they may have come to camp as "hell-raisers"…but after spending a week in the presence of God, they came home peacemakers. In fact, their parents would call us, inquiring as to what happened to their child…because they came back transformed under the almighty banner of an all-powerful God.

Today, we are asking that you would partner with us and sponsor a child to go to camp. This year, the cost for a child to come to camp, eat three meals a day for six days, plus lodging and all of the numerous activities they will be participating in during camp is $500 (including insurance, lifeguards, transportation to/from camp, and all associated costs).

Will you partner with us? Will your heart be moved…for one of these children that live a life and see things that you and I have probably never seen or experienced (i.e. drug dealing on their front doorstep, a dead body in the street, molestation, and other ills that are suffered in the type of environment in which they live)?

We have found that spending a week with these kids is a life-changing experience. So we pray that you will partner with us as we plan on taking 15-20 children to camp this summer. If you are able to give of your time, we are also in need of counselors and staff during the week of camp (July 31-August 5, 2022). Exciting Updates! Quick update on other efforts! THE SOUND: Inspirational Music Turned Upside Down is now online 24/7! The Sound plays inspirational (i.e. Christian) hip hop, rap, and R&B music…intentionally designed to reach our unchurched, unsuspecting youth and young adults in under-resourced communities with the message of the Cross. Feel free to listen live at www.TheSoundUpsideDown.com. THE KINGDOM HOUSE continues to minister year-round, and what a year it’s been! More details will follow in our upcoming newsletter. Be looking for it in a couple weeks. Please remember that Shari and I are now full-time ministers, and our ministry is currently our only source of income. But our faith, our trust, and our hope is in God…and He is The Source of every resource. To make a donation for Camp Lifeline or to give a gift for our personal support, please visit www.ImageMakersMinistries.com/donate. In advance, thank you for being a resource from The Source.

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