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The children need our help!

The Great Flood of 2016 in Louisiana affected nearly 250,000 children.


One day you’re relaxing at home. In a split second, your world is reeling far beyond your control in the midst of a natural disaster. Within minutes, everything is gone. Your comforts, your safe place, and your possessions are gone. Your children no longer have a bed to sleep in, no clothes to wear, no food to eat. Your family and friends have suffered the same loss, so you’re forced to find shelter with others that have experienced the same devastating trauma.

In August, a major storm saturated southern Louisiana, causing catastrophic flooding which claimed over 13 lives and damaged more than 60,000 homes. It poured nearly 7 trillion gallons of water, enough water to fill more than 6 million Olympic-size pools!

Hundreds of thousands of people have now found themselves in devastation. We’ve asked community leaders in Louisiana about their greatest need. Their answer?

Help the children.

Parents are receiving food and housing assistance, but they are not able to provide the resources needed for their kids to have a successful school year as they are trying to slowly rebuild their lives.

The children need our help.

We have committed to “Meet the Need” and provide uniforms and school supplies for the children so that they can get back to school and have a successful school year despite the devastation they’ve suffered. Would you consider partnering with us to meet the need?

Please note that 100% of donations made by check will go directly to the children, and only processing fees will be deducted from credit donations.

ImageMakers has my utmost support for what they are doing for the children that have been devastated by the terrible flooding in Baton Rouge, LA. They have given of their time, means, and much more. I support them without reservation. You can be sure that all that you give will go directly to the needs of the children. I encourage you to give sacrificially, both prayerfully and financially. -Pastor Bob Mathieu, Camp Dynamite
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