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Success! Christmas 2020 Toy Giveaway!

Our Christmas 2020 Toy Giveaway was bigger than ever! Our planning committee’s original goal was to give 500 gifts this year, but as God would have it, all of our donating partners gave "HUGE" and that 500 doubled to over a thousand! We stood in awe of God’s power and might, and at this point we were convinced that God had bigger plans. The final design by God was to hold a huge event in three locations simultaneously with over 34 volunteers and of course over one thousand gifts. Just to recap, God turned:

• 500 gifts into over 1000!

• One community reached into three communities simultaneously!

• Four initial volunteers into over 34 volunteers!


Our entire staff treated our guests like royalty. The children were taken into "Toyland," escorted by our awesome Toy Escorts. After each child selected their toy of choice, they were given a package called "His Name is Jesus” which contained a colorful children’s book about the birth of Jesus and clearly explaining the message of salvation. Finally, they were given a special gift to give to their parent when they exited Toyland.

Most importantly, we were able to share the great news of Jesus as we prayed with families and identified any needs they may have.

Check out our photo gallery and video for pics of the Christmas 2020 Toy Giveaway.

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