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Praising God in the pandemic!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Ministry does not slow down in the face of a virus - God continues to meet needs.

The year 2020 has offered us many interesting challenges and situations. As I have candid conversations with other ministry leaders, we all agree on one thing: Our prayer and fasting schedules have become more aggressive as the climate of this world is continually being fueled by hate, anger, injustice, racism and other evils that daily blind and deceive those who do not yield themselves to the will of God.

We at ImageMakers have been praising God even in the midst of the pandemic, personal losses and ministerial challenges. In each and every situation we remain prostrate before God while we continue to look to the hills from where our help comes. We know that our help comes from the Lord and, though our eyes see chaos and man-made foolishness all around us, we continue to look through spiritual lenses and stay encouraged.

We know that our help comes from the Lord!

In spite of the pandemic, we are pleased to announce the people we serve have been blessed through your efforts as ministerial partners. We are grateful! Together, we have achieved great tasks for the Lord and have extended an olive branch for hope and an expectation for a better future.

Though it has been necessary to change our method of outreach, ministry continues to flourish as we focus on meeting people at their need – physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

We continue to thank you, our supporters! Because of your love for the people of Baltimore and what we do, we remain in awe as to how God’s mercy, grace and love continue to move you to do all that you do!! Our mission is so clear in these final days as we wait upon the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and that is to win and disciple souls for the Kingdom.

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