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Headphones, love, uniforms, and Jesus!

Updated: May 31

Thank you so much for your continued support to transform communities one soul at a time! As a result of your generosity and continued prayer, we have been able to pour into the lives of 430 students from pre-K to eighth grade, 95 percent of whom are living in poverty, and 40 who are homeless.

Can you say: "Smiles from ear to ear?"

Here's a quick rundown for you.

January: Headphones

When we asked what the kids needed, we heard a resounding, "Headphones! We need headphones!" Something as simple as a pair of headphones lends to the students' future success. We did not realize that this school does not even have enough resources to provide headphones to each child so that they can succeed in their reading and listening exercises, and in their testing for success. And so, when we showed up with 450 headphones, the staff were speechless! It was like Christmas in January!

February: Love

Valentines Day brought an ice cream social for the children, where we had the opportunity to show unconditional love to each student! ImageMakers represented by bringing The Sound: Inspirational Music Turned Upside Down! Kids, teachers, parents, staff and administration

were listening and dancing to CHRISTIAN hip hop, rap, and R&B...in a public school! Even students who had been in fights earlier that day started dancing along! JESUS was proclaimed through the music and HIS LOVE prevailed! Hallelujah!!!

March: Uniforms

The month of March brings yet another opportunity to be the hands and feet of JESUS. Once again, we asked, "What do you need?" The answer this time? UNIFORMS! Neither the kids nor the school have the resources even for uniforms! And so, during the month of March, we are collecting the uniforms and will deliver them to the school just in time for Easter...Resurrection Sunday!


The LORD has given us an incredible opportunity to minister the Good News in this school and community through innovative and creative methods.

Shari and I have been told that we are UNCONVENTIONAL in our ministry efforts. We never tell people that we are pastors, we never let them know about our mission. We simply SHOW them how much we care for them and make them feel like they matter…we simply SHOW them the love of JESUS...and pretty soon, they start responding to HIS love displayed through the music, through the uniforms, through the headphones, and even through ice cream.

Our prayer daily is “LORD, let our ministry be empowered by Your Spirit, and enable us to stand as a wall between the violent streets and our kids that are in great need of the “The Great News” that can transform them, one soul at a time.

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