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Get ready for Camp LifeLine!

We are excited to share of our upcoming event! We are going to hold summer camp this year with twenty kids, ages 7-10. This is a huge deal and part of the vision that God set before us. Children who would normally never get to leave their neighborhood in Baltimore to travel anywhere will be going to a retreat center in Falling Waters, WV, for six days where they will be sleeping in air-conditioned dorms and enjoying food prepared by an onsite chef.

While there, the children will learn about the new life that can only be found in Jesus Christ. They will participate in character building activities as well as chapel services and other recreational activities.

Our 2021 theme for Camp LifeLine is:

"Living In Freedom Everyday: Be a light and leader in your community"

We need your help to make this happen! The list of needs is long and we believe that God is more than able. Please pray with us for:

  • Camp counselors, helpers, and staff

  • Transportation

  • Financial Sponsors for campers

  • Health, safety, and security of all attendees

  • Unity and wisdom

  • And, of course, that all would give their lives to Jesus and choose to follow Him

We pray that God will fill these children with a passion to flourish and will set their lives on a course where they follow Jesus, "becoming a new creation," and refusing to follow the very ills of the communities they have to endure on daily basis. May they become CHANGEMAKERS for the KINGDOM!

Stay tuned for additional details and how you can partner with us in making Camp LifeLine a success as the children find new life in Jesus Christ.

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