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Spotlight on: MEET THE NEED!

Time and time again, the Word of God urges us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, and visit the sick and imprisoned (Matthew 25:31-46). This is what we do through “Meet the Need.”

We provide critical assistance for immediate needs

(food, clothes, household supplies),

emergency relief

(responding to the ravages of the pandemic, finding housing and help

for addictions, etc.),

and special occasions

(back to school, Christmas, etc.).

The need in the communities where we minister is great! God has called us to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to care for those who are need for His glory by meeting the basic necessities of life.

The Winter Coat that Brought Joy In the Spring

Last spring, we were in Baltimore for a food distribution. We receive food from various sources. One donor actually placed a brand new winter coat in with the donations. Now, mind you, we were about to go into summer time…in Baltimore. While there was still a bit of chill in the air, I honestly wondered if the coat would be taken, given the timing and the weather.

As people came by for the food, a young woman walked up to the table. As soon as she saw the coat, she was so excited! She quickly took off her own jacket and tried on the new coat. You should have seen the smile on her face!

The coat fit perfectly!!!!

It's as if the coat was tailor-made just for her!

Her old jacket was well-worn and full of holes. She immediately took the jacket and pushed it down into the trash can on the street corner. That brand-new coat completely changed this young woman’s countenance as she smiled from ear-to-ear. We are always amazed at how God knows exactly what is needed…even a winter coat in the spring time! He cares for each person individually.

What joy it is to be able to tangibly share HIS love in Baltimore!

God's Heart of Love

We love God's heart of love, poured out like oil for each of us in need. What a privilege to serve such a God of love and to share His heart with others.

Everyone is simply searching for someone to care, someone to love, and someone to be authentic.

We will drop everything and pray in a heartbeat! We have seen God work miracles when we cry out to Him. His presence is so palpable. And so, as He gives opportunity, we stop and pray and see Him meet needs beyond our imagination.

Whether praying for healing for a baby at Christmas Toy Mania, or for a gentleman in need at a food giveaway...whether we are on the street corner, or in a church. It doesn't matter where we are, or who you are...God's love extends to each person...and His heart cries over His children who are carrying so much pain and anxiety.

What a privilege to serve an immeasurable God of love and compassion, mercy and grace.

Sharing the Good News

We use every opportunity to share the love of God, both tangibly and spiritually. At our recent toy giveaway, each family participated in a 15-minute “service” where the Gospel was creatively presented in a way that even the youngest child could understand. Very simply:

  1. God loves me.

  2. We sin.

  3. God provided.

  4. Jesus gave.

  5. We respond

Entire households were blessed and encouraged, many received prayer, and several souls received salvation, hallelujah!!!


One particular child, let’s call him Kevin, so thoroughly enjoyed the service that he could not contain his excitement!

His mom came to us and asked how she could get him into Sunday School. She exclaimed: “I have never seen him this excited about church! I want to make sure that he gets here as much as he can!!!”


This is why we continue to minister where God has called us...to see His love transform and empower lives makes it worth it all.

Will You Join Us in Meeting the Need?

Will you join us? We need partners in praying, partners in serving, and partners in giving resources. The need is great. The reward is even greater. Reach out to us today: www.ImageMakersMinistries.com ImageMakersMinistries@gmail.com Donate today: www.ImageMakersMinistries.com/donate Cash App: $TransformALife

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