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Sharing the Love of Jesus: Christmas ToyMania 2021!

This year‘s Christmas toy giveaway was even bigger than last year’s! If you participated with us, God bless you!! We had a great time with the people that we minister to in Baltimore city.

We were so blessed to give out a great number of toys to many of the kids in the Sandtown-Winchester area in the Penn North Quarter of Baltimore city. In fact, many of the people that came to the giveaway mentioned that they’ve never seen anything like this in the community as we shared the love of Christ.

We didn’t just give away toys…we also gave them a presentation of the Gospel where we were able to pray for so many people who were in need. We were able to minister and pray for people that were in the line for registration, in the stairwell, in the toy workshop. In fact, several made commitments to give their lives to Jesus! Hallelujah!

Every year we enjoy Christmas! It's one of the bright spots of our ministry. We are able to experience the miracles of Christmas as each child’s face lit up when they entered the toy workshop and picked out several toys for themselves and returned back to their parent.

On behalf of our staff and volunteers, we are so grateful to those of you who compassionately gave a toy or two to bless our children. We are so appreciative that you made a love offering to our ministry. For those of you that prayed for us, your prayers came through like gangbusters. And for those who volunteered, “thank you” just will not cover it…but I’ll say it anyway…THANK YOU!!

To view our photo gallery, click here. Please consider making a donation to continue the work of transforming lives in Baltimore, MD.

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