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Serving 430 children in Baltimore, MD!

Thank you so much for your unwavering faith, love, and passion to see lives transformed!

Because of your prayers and volunteering time with us in ministry, we have been blessed to see the fruit as we co-labor. This year, we have intentionally sought more creative ways on how to bless the people in Baltimore City.

Jose and Shari with some of the children at school in Baltimore, MD

Here are a few of our current projects:

  • Meeting with city leaders on how to effectively help with the squeegee worker situation

  • Providing food to many homeless people and residents that live far below the poverty level

  • Assisting residents to alleviate their life-controlling circumstances through various resources that we have developed and through partnerships

  • Creating programs to serve as a more confidential rescue to gang members, current felons and drug dealers seeking escape from their dangerous lifestyle

Exciting News!

God has blessed us with an amazing opportunity to continue spreading His Word, showing His love, and meeting the need.

We have adopted a school in possibly the most underserved area with the highest crime rate and murder rate in Baltimore City: Sandtown-Winchester.

We are now ministering to 430 students from Pre-K to the 8th grade by providing food, clothing, and personal hygiene needs. Of our 430 children, 95 percent are living in poverty, and 40 are homeless! They don't have their own bedroom to sleep in, their own refrigerator for food to eat, or, most important, a place of safety.

With your help, we can meet their needs.

Our greatest excitement is that we now have access to the next generation! The possibilities are endless! Imagine, pouring the Word of God over our next generation where they are constantly being fed worldly knowledge, worldly ethics and anti-godly principles…but we push back with Biblical knowledge, civil obedience and teaching them the skills to be peacemakers. We now have access to engage and transform a generation of future Godly leaders, decision-makers, and influencers that are led by the Holy Spirit rather than led by their flesh and personal agendas.

With your help, we can meet their needs.

Join with us by donating, volunteering, or serving!

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