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Featured Spotlight: CAMP LIFELINE!

We are so excited to share about Camp Lifeline! We are taking 20-30 children, ages 7-10, from some of the worst areas of Baltimore, MD, to a campground (actually, a retreat center!) in West Virginia for six days and five nights.

Our mission is to see every camper choose to be transformed into the image of JESUS CHRIST, and empowered to be a change-maker in their communities for the Kingdom!

At Camp Lifeline, the campers learn critical skills such as: conflict resolution, anger management, peacemaking, and forgiveness. They discover how they can be transformed and empowered to utilize the tools necessary to live in freedom everyday so they can make a difference in their families and communities...all while having fun in a safe, beautiful environment.

Living In Freedom Everyday

At Camp Lifeline, we learn how to Live In Freedom Everyday (L.I.F.E.). We give the campers tools to become peacemakers and strategies on how to implement these tools when they return home to their communities. Each day's lesson is reinforced throughout all of the activities...in arts and crafts, Bible class, chapel, creative arts, games and recreation. We show them how to apply the principles in their everyday lives.

The first day is focused on freedom from sin!

Our main goal is for every camper to make a decision to follow JESUS CHRIST and to live powerful lives of freedom from sin. We give them their own Bibles and teach them how to use the Word of God throughout the week. The Bible (pictured) is one that's easy to use and interactive with children.

We want them to get used to reading the Word so that they'll continue even after they return home.

Next, we focus on freedom from anger

We go over anger triggers and responses. This lesson is so powerful, that even one of our teen campers exclaimed, "We need this in our schools!"

On Wednesday, we focus on freedom from bullying

This also includes critical conflict resolution skills using real-world, current scenarios that they would face at school or home.

By Thursday, we focus on freedom to forgive

This is another very powerful time together! Many of the campers experience release by forgiving someone who has abused or hurt them. Others have to forgive themselves. God is truly at work and we see transformation in lives!

On Friday, we review and solidify how to maintain freedom in everyday life. Please pray with us, as the impact in the lives of the campers is truly eternal and life-changing.

Are You Sure This Is Camping?

When most people think of camping, they have visions of bugs and tents and cooking meals over fires and bears and no showers or bathrooms. Well we are about to blow your mind! Camp Lifeline is no ordinary camp! We take kids from inner city Baltimore to a retreat conference center in West Virginia!

We are talking motel-type dorms (no tents) with indoor bathrooms and showers, three full meals a day prepared by chefs, swimming, miniature golf, indoor gym, air-conditioned facilities, basketball courts and more! Yes, there are bugs (can't avoid that lol!). But we want to give our kids the best!

Most of our kids have never experienced life outside of their city streets. Even this retreat center is a bit unsettling for many of them, with the country sounds, the quietness of the dark, the clean atmosphere, and all of the trees and mountains. But the safety, security, stillness, and serenity absolutely cannot be beat.

Short Term Missions

  • Do you love kids?

  • Do you have a passion to make an eternal difference in the life of a child for Christ?

  • Do you love missions, but can’t go out of the country?

Here is the perfect opportunity for you! At Camp Lifeline, we spend one week at a retreat center in West Virginia, with kids from some of the toughest areas of Baltimore, MD. We take them on Sunday and come back on Friday…and the transformation is absolutely incredible! We get a first-hand look at how Jesus changes lives during this one week!

Would you consider giving just one week this summer?

Get in touch with us today! Don’t delay…there’s an application and training process that we need to starts ASAP. We’d love to hear from you!

This is one week that will change your life!

The Children Are Worth It!

"What did you do to my child?!" This is the question we get from parents after their child returns home from camp. Their child transforms from bullying others to bringing peace...from having no interest in God to asking their mom to go to church...from creating havoc to bringing joy. The transformation and healing that JESUS brings in these young lives is absolutely amazing and overwhelming. In fact, tears are flowing as we write, as we intercede on behalf of these children, knowing that GOD can...and will...transform a generation of children for His glory!

The children are worth it!

Will you join us?

  • Will you join us in interceding for the children?

  • Will you join us in volunteering for a week as a short-term missionary to reach kids in Baltimore?

  • Will you join us by giving of your resources?

  • Will you sponsor a child to be able to attend camp? $500 will completely cover one camper for the week, but any amount will help!

We need you...we need the Body of Christ...to join with us. Only God can make this happen and forever change lives. And we need you to come alongside in this work. Yes, it will take sacrifice. Yes, it will take willingness. Yes, it will take obedience. Yes, it will completely exhaust the staff. But it is worth it. The souls are worth it.

The children are worth it!

Please reach out to us today and let's join our hearts together in this work for the Kingdom. • Donate: www.ImageMakersMinistries.com/donate or Cash App $TransformALife • Email: ImageMakersMinistries@gmail.com • Website: www.ImageMakersMinistries.com/what-we-do Please share with your family, church groups, Bible studies, etc. If you know someone who is mature, loves Jesus, and loves children, who would be willing to dedicate a life-changing week, please ask them to get in touch with us ASAP. We appreciate you. We are in this together...for the Kingdom.

The children are worth it!

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” Philippians 1:3-5 (ESV)

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