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The mission of The Kingdom House is to provide a place of peace and rest, where the broken, the downtrodden, the abused, and the weary can experience the presence of GOD and be restored, rejuvenated, and revitalized physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is a place of respite from the harsh onslaught and stresses of the world.

A Place of Rest

At The Kingdom House, we give youth, young adults, and adults a place to simply rest. The vast majority of those who come to us simply need to sleep. In fact, they may sleep 10-15

hours during the first night! We feed them a homemade breakfast in the morning, and then they go back to bed to sleep some more. As JESUS met the physical needs of HIS followers (feeding the 5,000, healing the sick, etc.), so we follow His example.

A Place of Peace

The Kingdom House is in the country, 30 minutes from Baltimore MD, surrounded by farmland and beautiful scenery. But more than the peaceful view, the peace of the Lord reigns in the House. Time and time again, many have commented on how peaceful they feel when they visit and stay. Yes, they are able to enjoy swimming and the pool table. But more importantly, they experience inner peace and tranquility because of the Spirit of the Lord.

A Place of Security

Those who come to The Kingdom House find it to be a place of love, authenticity, and security. After they have rested and have had an opportunity to enjoy the peace and serenity, they are open to receiving emotional and spiritual healing from the Lord. He gives opportunity for us to address issues varying from PTSD to marriage counseling; from trauma and abuse to forgiveness and reconciliation with family; from addictions and dependencies to deliverance and life coaching.


Here is a powerful testimony of the LORD’s transformation in the life of a young lady who came to The Kingdom House broken and hopeless, but was restored through the love of Jesus, praise God!

“I came to the Kingdom House for what I thought would be forever. I left my family and didn’t look back. I was fed, clothed, loved on and cared for at the Kingdom House.

I decided that I wasn’t going to go home to my family again. We had a grave rift in our family. I felt like I was being controlled; never respected. It took a toll on my mental and emotional health.

My whole community was calling me daily, and if they weren’t, I was calling them. I was making it evident that the [person] they knew to be predictable could actually make some pretty bold moves.

But, after about three weeks being there, I became unusually homesick. I now know that I didn’t necessarily miss my home, but my dad. I was starting to fall in love with him again, and it was as if God was stirring love Kool-Aid in my heart. Left to myself, I would’ve hated him forever. But, God softened me.

I decided to [go] home, and my spiritual parents [at The Kingdom House], they always pointed me back home from the beginning. They would ask me what I wanted to accomplish [while there]. I was thinking of outer things, like getting back on my feet. I was always overwhelmed and confused with that question. It’s only because God had one mission: Get me to love my earthly father again.

When I came home, my dad, to my surprise, embraced me with open arms. For the first time in decades, he held me while I cried in his arms.

I want to say "thank you" to my spiritual parents for allowing me into The Kingdom House for God to begin His work in my own home. It will forever be a place of refuge for me.”

I came to The Kingdom House broken, and left whole!


The Kingdom House is a place where GOD meets people at their point of need.

It all started in a small one-bedroom apartment. There was always a stream of children, youth, and young adults showing up on our doorstep. Some were suffering from neglect, others from addiction to pornography, others from abuse. What could we do but minister the love of GOD? We ended up getting a pull-out sofa so that they could have a place of safety and security, at least for the weekend, if not longer.

At this point, GOD gave us the vision for The Kingdom House. HE planted the seeds. We wrote the vision and made it plain (Habakkuk 2:2-3). A decade later, HE brought The Kingdom House to fruition.

Even at the height of COVID, HE continued to bring people who were lost and searching for something more. That summer, more than 40 people came through The Kingdom House.

  • Were we afraid? No.

  • Did we take precautions? Yes.

  • Did GOD protect and bring healing to the broken? YES!

The need is great…but GOD is greater! Hallelujah!


Shortly after moving in to The Kingdom House, I asked the LORD, “Why are You being so good to us, that You have provided such a place as this?” He simply answered, “It’s not about you. It’s about My plan.”

And then He gave this verse as a promise. He will be a wall of fire around and its glory within. Hallelujah!

The Kingdom House is not about us. It’s about HIS plan, HIS purpose, HIS peace, HIS power, HIS Presence. We are simply His stewards. He is faithful.


We absolutely cannot do this without YOU, partnering together with us. We are 100% dependent on GOD as our Source. We are asking you to be one of HIS resources. As He touches your heart, please do not ignore His call. Respond today and get involved.

Here's how:

  1. Come and visit – See what is going on at The Kingdom House. Pray about how you can be involved. Spread the word to your Bible study, community group, and others.

  2. Volunteer and bring a work crew – The Kingdom House is in need of repairs, maintenance, landscaping, etc. Come out for a couple hours! We will make sure you are well-fed and you can experience the peace of the Presence of the Lord while you are here.

  3. Donate – It takes a regular flow of income to run a household, and even more when repairs are needed. The Kingdom House is currently in need of a roof and other repairs. Please prayerfully consider giving a one-time or monthly donation to support the ongoing needs of The Kingdom House.

Please also consider giving towards our personal support, as we are full-time missionaries.

How to Donate:

Visit www.ImageMakersMinistries.com/donate for check and credit options.

  • CashApp $TransformALife

And as always, pray, pray, pray!!!

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” Philippians 1:3-5 (ESV)

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